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12 2007

Keep focused!

Do you remember the last project you’ve started where you’ve lost your focus?

I certainly can.

If you’ve read “Think and grow rich” from Napoleon Hill you probably remember that great success comes after all these small setbacks. The people who had success in realizing their goals all had one thing in common: They kept focused and didn’t let those setbacks drag themselves down.

My friend Javier just published a very good post that explains what you should do, too: Recheck your goals!

Are you still focused?

2 Responses to “Keep focused!”

  1. Dang it’s hard to stay focused when your small targets aren’t reached by the time you think they should. For example on an affiliate site of mine. I thought that after 3 days I should have at least one sale. Now a week later I have nothing! But I need to stay focused.

  2. Yes, affiliate marketing can be disappointing sometimes. Especially when you have to search converting merchants to begin with. I know I tried many offers, but only a few actually converted.
    The worst merchant I got to date has no conversions with 4367 unique hits.

    3 days are not a reachable goal if your site is new unless you get traffic from somewhere else like AdWords and such.

    I made my first sale after one and a half month with a bunch of brand new sites.

    Don’t give up and thanks for commenting!

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