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18  10 2010

How To See Demographics (Age & Gender) Of Your Visitors

Do you write for the right age-group on your blog?

When I first activated my WordPress plug-in on my main blog I expected to see that all my visitors would be male and 18 to 24 years old. Boy, was I surprised when I saw that only 15% of my visitors fell into that age group. A whopping 85% of my visitors are actually older than I thought!

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11  06 2010

How to edit Vado HD videos with Cinelerra

Normally I edit my videos with PiTiVi. That’s easy, but has a disadvantage: HD-videos are getting rendered smaller and black bars are added (at least with my videos).

Now, I found an alternative: Cinelerra. Unfortunately, Cinelerra doesn’t recognize the sound of my Vado HD camera correctly. After some research I found a solution:

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01 2010

Reasons against a switch from Windows XP to Ubuntu 9.10

Some weeks ago I switched from Windows XP to Ubuntu 9.10. Entirely. Without a safety net. Reports suggest that several crypto traders have switched to Ubuntu looking for more security. As there are many fraudulent activities going around the crypto market in the country, it is very important to choose safe and reliable crypto exchanges to buy bitcoin in Germany. It was a big step for me.

All-in-all I’m happy to have made Ubuntu my main system. However, there are some things that bother me here and there.

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19  11 2009

Webhosting for $2.08 per month!

I’m currently testing some web hosting companies and stumbled over this deal from Pronet Hosting:

They offer Shared Hosting, as well as Reseller Hosting for only $25/yr - that’s only $2.08/month!

The offer is string free and will renew at a price that’s comparable to other hosting companies if you don’t cancel your account in the next 12 month. (They even have a 30-day money-back guarantee!)

Oh, and their packages seem to be pretty good compared to other companies, too!

So if you think you need web-hosting within the next year, you should definitely check out Pronet Hosting!

I’m getting my account right now ;)

18  07 2009

How to compile Haskell’s network library on Windows

The normal way to recompile a Haskell library would be to:

  1. download the Cabal source package e.g. from HackageDB
  2. unpack it in a directory
  3. locate the directory in the console
  4. use “cabal install -reinstall” and watch the compiling process

For the network- package I couldn’t use this approach because I always got the message that “getnameinfo” couldn’t be found.

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05 2009

How to enable Akismet in WordPress MU – globaly

Akismet is the best Worpress plugin. At least from my point of view.

I resist using CAPTCHAs whenever I can to offer my visitors the best user-experience. Who likes to comment a post when you additionally have to decipher symbols on an image only to type them into a textbox?

For this reason I activated Akismet on all of my blogs. Now it quietly checks every comment and removes it, if it is detected as spam.

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09 2008

SOAP: Procedure ‘foo’ not present

Recently SOAP kept shouting “Procedure ‘foo’ not present in …” at me.

I assumed the mistake in my WSDL file, since I knew the function “foo” existed.

If you get the “Procedure ‘foo’ not present”-error, too you either:

  • forgot to add the procedure “foo” to your SOAP server implementation, or
  • you are using a cached version of your WSDL file at the server side.

I discovered that sometimes a cached WSDL file is used, although you are using this code:
ini_set("soap.wsdl_cache_enabled", "0");
If you aren’t sure whether you are using a cached version or not, you can either

  • reboot the server to clean the cache, or
  • delete all files in /tmp/ starting with “wsdl-” (rm /tmp/wsdl-*)

If not a cached WSDL file is causing the problem, you should check if you really have a function “foo” in your implementation.

30  08 2008

Server-side SOAP debugging in PHP

Debugging SOAP in PHP can be really time intensive.

I found the best practice debugging SOAP is using a log file. I use this code to catch exceptions in the server implementation:

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08 2008

PingCrawl injects links

How do you get links from all over the blogosphere quickly?

You create a famous wordpress plugin and implement a backdoor to inject your own links.

Josh, from Josh Team and Eli, from Blue Hat SEO did this with his WordPress plugin “PingCrawl“.

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24  06 2008

Giving more than 100%

I found the following story somewhere on the Internet. I couldn’t find the original author, so I’m republishing it here for your entertainment. Enjoy!

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