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26  06 2011

My Bitcoin miner

Because I believe in the future of Bitcoins I built this 1.4 Gh/s mining rig:

The only thing that bothered me with this setup is the USB drive. It’s noticeable slower compared to a normal disk and I had to flash the mainboard bios to get it to boot. Once it’s set up it works absolutely fine, though.

The installed rig looks like this:

Two cards are overclocked to 900/300, the other two to 875/300 because of stability issues.

I’m currently thinking about a good cooling solution. Temporarily a fan with a trash-bag is keeping the GPUs down at 61°C, 72°C, 74°C, 77°C (left to right) with fan speed between 70% and 90%. (The 61°C is not a typo btw.)

Here’s the temporary cooling solution:

I’m currently mining with these settings:
Yields a whopping 361Mh/s on a 5850 @ 900/300 and 351Mh/s on a 5850 @ 875/300.

I followed this Ubuntu mining guide for my setup. I added AMDOverdriveCtrl with a customized profile to be able to underclock the memory clocks below 500Mhz and get a nice automatic fan control.

Update: Fan-control with AMDOverdriveCtrl doesn’t really work. Sometimes it does, but most of the time I have to set the fan-speeds manually.

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