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Dynamic row length for h:dataTables…

… isn’t possible, as far as I know. Use this instead: <table> <ui:repeat value="#{columnBean.columns}" var="rows"> <tr> <ui:repeat value="#{rows}" var="row"> <td><h:outputText value="#{row}"/></td> </ui:repeat> </tr> </ui:repeat> </table> columnBean.getColumns() returns List<List<String>>. e.g.: public List<List<String>> getColumns() { List<List<String>> columns = new ArrayList<List<String>>(); for (int y = 0; y < 6; y++) { List<String> rows = new ArrayList<String>(); for (int [...]

How To See Demographics (Age & Gender) Of Your Visitors

Do you write for the right age-group on your blog? When I first activated my WordPress plug-in on my main blog I expected to see that all my visitors would be male and 18 to 24 years old. Boy, was I surprised when I saw that only 15% of my visitors fell into that age [...]

How to compile Haskell’s network library on Windows

The normal way to recompile a Haskell library would be to: download the Cabal source package e.g. from HackageDB unpack it in a directory locate the directory in the console use “cabal install -reinstall” and watch the compiling process For the network- package I couldn’t use this approach because I always got the message that [...]

How to enable Akismet in WordPress MU – globaly

Akismet is the best Worpress plugin. At least from my point of view. I resist using CAPTCHAs whenever I can to offer my visitors the best user-experience. Who likes to comment a post when you additionally have to decipher symbols on an image only to type them into a textbox? For this reason I activated [...]

SOAP: Procedure ‘foo’ not present

Recently SOAP kept shouting “Procedure ‘foo’ not present in …” at me. I assumed the mistake in my WSDL file, since I knew the function “foo” existed. If you get the “Procedure ‘foo’ not present”-error, too you either: forgot to add the procedure “foo” to your SOAP server implementation, or you are using a cached [...]

Server-side SOAP debugging in PHP

Debugging SOAP in PHP can be really time intensive. I found the best practice debugging SOAP is using a log file. I use this code to catch exceptions in the server implementation:

PingCrawl injects links

How do you get links from all over the blogosphere quickly? You create a famous wordpress plugin and implement a backdoor to inject your own links. Josh, from Josh Team and Eli, from Blue Hat SEO did this with his WordPress plugin “PingCrawl“.

What to consider when deploying web apps

When I’m tired I tend to cross read blog posts in my feedreader. This way I just found an interesting screencast in Chris Hartjes’ blog which I thought I should mention here: 6 Steps to a perfect deployment.

Zend_Mail Obstacles

I just finished developing a newsletter-script for a client. I encountered some problems during the development and want to publish the solutions here.