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29  03 2008

What you pay for sending 10 million spam mails a day

I was really stunned when I discovered how cheap it is to send 10 million spam mails a day. You have to pay 600$ and get 10 Million spam-mails to their receivers. Imagine what you would make if one of 1000 receivers would buy your “cheap Viagra generic”. If you would only earn 1$ per sale you would make 9400$ in profit!

Here are more numbers, discovered in the German version of the “Technology Review” magazine:

Breaking into websites and forums: 50$
DDoS-attack a whole day long: 500$

I think you can’t take these prices as-is. Especially the DDoS-attack price has to correlate to the number of attacking machines. Else I would like to offer my notebook connected to a random WLAN for 500$ a day. I even would buy another one after two payments to fulfill your needs of using more boxes in parallel to attack your target ;)

Can someone confirm or deny these price tags (and can send me a link to the actual prices)?

2 Responses to “What you pay for sending 10 million spam mails a day”

  1. It’s such a black market that prices vary wildly. I can’t imagine there are too many sites (except maybe .ru) that explicitly state prices for illegal actions.

  2. You are right, but even the Russian prices would be interesting. Most of this business is done in Russia anyways.

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