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05 2008

My new Poker Chip Set in action

Those, who read my twitter feed know it already: I’ve won a Poker Chip Set some days ago. It was pure luck that I got the answer first.

Today I had some guests and we introduced the new chip set. Although I now have dark gray wild-berry-vodka sprinkles on my white carpet it was an entertaining evening.

I got this very nice poker range Chip Set (sorry, couldn’t find an English product description), which contains 500 quality chips that make a nice sound if you throw them on the felt. (The felt wasn’t included, but I had one already.)

Here is a snapshot of the game where a pair of Kings beat a pair of Jacks:

Thanks Jeremy for giving free stuff away, I’m really happy about this chip set!

If you want to win some nice things yourself, follow Shoemoney on Twitter!

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