How to get links for your site

10:40 am marketing

Getting other people to link to your site is hard work these days. Google is penalizing paid links and of course you have to search for relevant blogs and write an email to each author.

Here are two ways to get links to your site:

  • Start a contest. If you want to get links, you have to invest. If you have some free stuff to give away, the better for you. Look at my favorite PHP development blog “Zend Developer Zone“. They are currently giving away free books for links that appears in Technorati. Binding the contest to links in Technorati does not only give them an easier way to pick their winners but also makes sure that the placed links are valid.
  • Provide useful stuff for you visitors. If you’ve made some tools that fit to the topic of your page, make them public. There are so many people out there who would love to have simple tools for free. They may not have the knowledge or the time to build these tools themselves. If you make yours public you should get some links. You may want to promote your tools in related forums or with some comments on blogs.

These are just two ways to get links to your site. There are many ways to get links, you just have to be creative. Think about what someone would want to get on your site and make it available!

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