How to hide your URL

5:02 pm spam

It’s frustrating if you do Blog-spamming but get caught by Akismet or any other algorithm causing all messages that include a specific URL to be transfered into the spam queue.

Normally you leave at least one footprint in every message you can’t change: your domain name. If you could change the domain name every message you wouldn’t get caught by an anti spam algorithm (that fast).

Shoemoney writes about a spammail he got, that makes clever use of the “I’m feeling lucky” button of google.

The trick is to rank your target site for a term that nobody uses to date. In this case the spammer used a misspelling of “black” and combined it to a long keyphrase (blarack tabs unbelievable). If you intensionally insert such keyphrases in your sites, you can use the same strategy to hide your URL in any spammy message you send.

If you press the “I’m feeling lucky” button in Google, you get the following search query:

That means you can even use a random string in each message you want to spam!

I doubt that you will get any linkjuice through this method, but at least you can get some traffic.

Happy spamming :)

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