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I just found out that this domain,, was formally used in spam emails.
If you came here because of one of the spammy messages, I’m sorry. I do not spam emails. I do other things, but not spamming emails. spam

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I’m currently seeing hits with the referrer “” in nearly all of my logfiles.

I wonder when this page will be banned because of the referrer spam.

I’ll keep an eye on it ;)

The force of habit

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It’s 2am right now and I was ready to go to sleep: Turn off IM-Client, check the mails a last time, close mail client and listen if my development box is still on.

I could hear the sound of the fan and as lazy as I am I don’t grab the keyboard but fire up my SSH client to shut it down remotely. So I click on my favorites, type in the password and type “shutdown -h 0″ and press return.

The SSH client automatically disconnects and I’m sitting on my desk thinking by myself: “Since when is it possible to shut this box down without root access?”

In fact, I was not shutting down the server next to me, but one on the other side of the globe: My VPS which hosts a whole bunch of domains that I can’t afford to be offline.

Damn, that’s the force of habit ;)